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There is going to be another SG-1 Alphabet Soup on February 18th, and there are still a few letters looking for authors, so if you think you could deliver a gen fic focusing on canon allies who have not already been the subject of a previous Alphabet Soup (nixing Bra'tac and Jonas Quinn for example, but allowing the Jaffa, the Langarans, Russians, and the good folks who hang their giant marble bullheads at the Land of Light). There is a 100 word minimum, so a little drabble'll do ya. Now having given away my age by misquoting a truly ancient Brylcreem commercial, I'll leave you with the place to go to sign up, which is here.

I'm doing "U" myself, and haven't a clue what I'll be turning in this far away from the deadline, or which allies I'll focus on, but I find that fear concentrates the mind wonderfully, and I have no doubt that an idea will be hop full born and Athena-like out of my head as the deadline approaches...

I hope.

Well, not much doubt.

Date: 2013-01-25 06:53 am (UTC)
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Much thanks for the signal boost. :D


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