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It has been winter here lately. Not old fashioned, real Vermont winter, mind you, although we did have a few days of that at the very beginning of the year, but winter, with light fluffy snow. The ski places have been doing land office business, and the economy has been benefiting greatly from the influx of folks from away, spending money in local shops. After last year's almost total flop of a winter, things are good.

Now I don't alpine ski. My parents weren't of that socio-economic class when I was growing up, and besides, my husband sees too many knees of people who do alpine skiing to really encourage it in those he loves. I've been doing nordic skiing since I was 12 though, and that's the exercise I choose when snow is coming down, and if I chose to walk or run I would have to be arguing right-of-way with the plows. I have the right of way, but plows are big, and I don't want to be right, but dead. So I've been doing some nordic skiing around our back acres, and I've been having such fun with it that I've been doing it even on some bright sunny days. Cold, clear, fresh air, sunshine, and a pleasant feeling of being out and about. What's not to like?

Today I went out to ski (a little rushed and a little late due to having to deal with the issues of paying for the next session of figure skating and of The Whirlwind's lost ski poles before she goes to Ski Runners on Friday) so there I was, stepping into my bindings at 1:30, when I'd intended to be out there by 1:00 p.m. at the latest. I'm just slipping my hands into the straps on the poles and gripping them when an unearthly howl rises up behind me. It's loud, it's wild, and it's not very far off. Coyotes, and plenty of them, in the middle of the day, in broad daylight. It was eerie and beautiful, and totally unexpected at that time of day. It made my day.

Our neighbor's dog? Not so much. The poor fellow spent the next half hour sending out periodic "I'm here! My pack is here!" barks, before he finally gave up and quieted down. Generally speaking, he's not a very talkative fellow.

Our neighbors are freaked out by having coyotes in the area. I'm not. I love it. These are wild animals, and they are shy. I'm not silly enough to let my cats roam outside, not because of the coyotes, but because of the fisher cats, who think cats are yummy good eatin' when they can't get wild turkey. Dogs are required to be on a lead, although it's a law more honored in the breach. I am one of the very few in town who has actually seen a live coyote. He was traveling on his own, and was padding across a snowy field about two years ago as winter was fading into spring, and he was making for the road to cross it and get back to the woods on the other side. He got a look at me, and abruptly decided he wanted to head back to the woods he'd come from.

I love coyotes. Then again, I don't keep either sheep or chickens.
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Advent Calendar - Day 23 for the advent calendar on [ profile] sj_everyday

Title: Plan A Never Works

Author: Thothmes

Season: Post-Series, established relationship

Spoilers: Not really. You've been introduced to Cassie, and you know her tendency to... misplace mothers, right? You know that SG-1 isn't just the original four, right? Okay. Good to go.

Warnings: Only for the youngest. It mentions [whispering] sex, but you'd probably get more actual titillation from your average PG rated James Bond flick.

Synopsis: The best laid plans of Colonels and Generals gang aft a' gley. But don't worry, there's always Plan B. Oh, and cake. Plenty of it.

Disclaimer: [wails] What do you mean, they aren't mine and I have to give them back? But I likessss them! They're ssso pretty, and nice, and besides, I wantssss them, I doesss! You have plenty of money in your pocketses, and I'm not getting any money in mine! Yesssss, you owes me a chance to play with them, yessss you do. I makesss them happy, I doessss. I givessss them what they wantsssses!

This way to the story, and we're walking... )


And may all your hearts be filled with peace and joy, whatever holidays you celebrate, and wherever you gather to celebrate them!
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Advent Calendar Day 12 for the advent calendar on [ profile] sj_everyday

Title: Rejoice And Be Merry, Set Sorrows Aside

Author: Thothmes

Season: Three. I’m declaring that Christmas happened after Rules of Engagement and before Forever in a Day, because otherwise the team would be rallying around Daniel, not going their separate ways.

Spoilers: The Movie, Emancipation, Seth, Crystal Skull, Cold Lazarus. Small passing things.

Warnings: Like many, Jack suffers from depression, which can be harder to bear in festive seasons. It puts you all a-jangle and out of tune with the world.

Disclaimer:The toys mentioned are not actually for sale, or at least I pray they aren’t. Stop trying to look up the price of a Slime Castle on Amazon! The names given to the children are chosen by taking list of the most popular baby names for their putative birth years, going to number 6 on the list and using that, no taste or discernment required. I own no canon characters, and I’m just borrowing them, and they won’t be harmed. It profiteth me not. The King James Bible, Dickens, and The Night Before Christmas are out of copyright as is the carol in the title, and really, the quotations from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Stargate (the Movie) , and Emancipation are tributes. Be flattered. Nothing to litigate here. Move along. These were not the copyright violations you were looking for.

Rejoice And Be Merry, Set Sorrows Aside

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So what am I thankful for this year?

For a cease fire that so far seems to be holding. No mother, on either side, should have to put her child to bed in fear of what may come as they sleep. No one anywhere should have to live in constant fear of sudden death from the sky.

For the end of DADT. It doesn't affect me, but it should never have affected anyone.

For the fact that hearts and minds have opened enough that marriage equality passed in three states by vote.

That I live in such a beautiful part of the world, in a community that really is a village, and helps to raise all of the children to assume that we will all help one another, that we all need to pitch in and do our part, and that helping others is its own reward. It's a great set of values to absorb young.

That my two grown kids had a place to go for their Thanksgiving dinner. They brought some sides and the dessert, and had a big family meal, instead of a small (but elaborate) meal they made and ate by themselves, as has been the pattern these past few years.

That each of my kids are so different from each other, all of them interesting, all of them with something that makes them stand out. Eldest Daughter is sensitive, honorable, thoughtful, and kind. Only Son is incredibly good natured, interested in a vast array of things, and finds something to enjoy in anything and everything. Middle Daughter is amazingly musical, quietly reflective, and collects waifs and strays. She sees good and value where others see only the turmoil and the trauma. The Whirlwind has truly amazing joie de vivre, and one of the most loving hearts I've ever known, and has endless energy and curiosity.

That I chanced upon Beloved Husband so young. He is smart, devoted, loyal, loving, and possesses a world class sense of humor. Best of all, he knows when to make me laugh, when to just listen, and when to just envelop me in a hug. That he's tall, dark silvering, and handsome is a bonus.

And I am thankful that I have all of you. You make me laugh, you point out intriguing corners of the world I might otherwise have missed, you share your creative output and give me an escape from the work-a-day world, and when I need it, you listen. May you all be equally blessed.
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This was the scariest election that I can remember. The nation is so polarized. Everybody was demonizing everybody else. People on both sides genuinely believed (and, I'm sure, still do believe) that the soul of the nation was in the balance. Huge proportions of the population woke up Tuesday convinced that they needed to speak up for the sake of the nation.

Here in my small town, with no local races on the battle except a zoning matter (whether we would allow smaller lot sizes in the center of town when most people live outside the center and wouldn't be affected) 83% of us voted. We're a pretty solid blue state. No one here felt that our presidential ballot would change the election results, and yet 83% of us came out. This was a passionate election.

It is done. I wanted to say that it's all done but the shouting and the counting, but I am terribly, terribly afraid that that would be prophetic. Because that is the last thing we need. We need to count every vote and make sure every voice is heard, but after the counting is done, we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start trying to build something together! We need to remember the old saying about hanging together lest we should hang separately. We're a country that has enormous will and energy, and a proud tradition of working together for common goals. Like siblings, we bicker, and grouse, and point fingers as we do it, but attack one of us, and the rest of us pile on the attacker. Lately we've been forgetting that. We've been forgetting that we're all in this TOGETHER. There's very little we can't do if we all work with a will for our common goals. If we concentrate on our commonalities, if we all concentrate on what we agree on, if we all agree to disagree with civility, giving each other the benefit of the doubt, nothing can stop us. Because that's who we are.
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Okay, so CNN has a page here (Campaign Explorer) where you can see how much each of the presidential campaigns have spent, nationally and state-by-state. My sympathies to those of you in the battleground states. Here in Vermont, Obama has spent 0 dollars. Romney has spent 0 dollars. Of course we share television coverage with New Hampshire (5.46 million dollars Obama, 1.27 million Romney) so we are not campaign ad virgins, but still, I love living in a state that doesn't actively attract all than nonsense, because really, you guys, are any of you guys a dim enough bulb to base your vote on what you saw in one of those ads? I know people do, that they say the Willie Horton ad [Wikipedia article here] was a watershed. But you guys are all smarter than that, I know. You look at all the issues, and make up your minds based on facts and clearly stated positions, not emotional flim-flam, right?

I'm only going to say this once, people.


or loose your right to complain for the next 4 years.
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I do not live in California. I live in Vermont. We have a little (for those of you who are Californian, read "barely perceptible") tremblor once every few years. On the tenth there was a 3.9 quake in Quebec, which we could have felt if we were up at 4:19 that morning. We slept through that. now there was a 4.5 (possible 4.6) earthquake centered around Lake Arrowhead, Maine, which we definitely did feel, and it rumbled like the dryer having a rough start up (although that might have been part of the house moving around to cause the noise).

Now when I lived in Greece this would have been a big nothing. Ho-hum. *yawn* But this is New England.

[Eyes overfull and not tied or strapped bookcases speculatively]

I'll say it again, Mother Earth, slowly in case you didn't get it the first time. N--e--w E--n--g--l--a--n--d.

Oh, and for those of you with geology backgrounds. Yes. I know that earthquakes can happen here too. But I'm spoiled, I tell you, spoiled, and I expect this to stop right now!!!

ETA: The U.S.G.S. has, since I posted, revised their rating of the quake in Maine from 4.5 (where they had initially pegged it although they soon moved that up to 4.6) down to 4.0. I didn't want to leave that overinflated number out there, because on the Richter scale, that difference matters.
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Title: Minor Characters Alphabet Soup - C is for Cool Competence
Season: Through the end of Atlantis
Spoilers: Minor for Message in a Bottle, Divide and Conquer, 48 Hours, Orpheus, Atlantis: Enemy at the Gate, miniscule for a Homeworld Security scene from Stargate Universe. And of course, Lockdown where Dr. Brightman makes her only appearance.
Warnings: Do you know about Teal'c and tretonin? Do you know where Jack went when he left the SGC? Do you know General Hammond's ultimate fate (as mentioned in Stargate Atlantis?) Okay. I think you're good to go, although I should also mention that this is one of those fics that it was like pulling teeth to get ANYTHING down on paper, so it is not my best work, but then again, it probably doesn't read to you as being as forced as it seems to me. I'm sure you all know how that is sometimes.
Synopsis: The shy, quiet ones, who act with restraint and internalize most things can be healers too.
Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV, although RDA, Michael Shanks, Teryl Rothery, and Alison Down have at one time or another. I am married to one, but since I'm only borrowing the characters, and I'm not making any profit off of them, it would really be mean and probably not very legally effective to sue him for all he's got. I don't have a salary of my own, other than the hugs, kisses, and phone calls I earn by being Mom. I suppose If you sue me, I could send you some xoxoxoxox's?

Story Here )


Thanks for reading. Go read everyone else's [link to be edited in when it's all posted] on LJ, and [link to be edited in when it's all posted] on DW
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First of all (and most closely related to the icon above) there's this:

The Whirlwind does not like to read or be read to, AT ALL. It is just hard for her to sit still that long, and she has resisted any book longer than a picture book like most kids resist a healthy serving of Spinach Liver Mushroom Surprise. That includes when we read them to her, and keep in mind that Beloved Husband and I are not the type to read haltingly in a monotone. We try to make it exciting, a dramatic production. We read with expression, and if it's me, I do the voices and accents. Beloved Husband, who knows what his strengths are and are not doesn't do accents, but does do voices. Neither of us are expecting an Academy Award or anything, but we do try to provide interest, and each one of my kids have been notable standouts among their classmates for reading with expression, because it never occurs to them that it would be otherwise. Be that as it may, I've carefully chosen chapter books that will speak to The Whirlwind's interests, and she has HATED having them read to her, even when she has loved the books when we get to the end of them. Reading, she hates it, she hates it, she does!

Well recently Beloved Husband went to a conference about treating a wide spectrum of childhood problems and disorders with in the context of the whole family. The man who was speaking was basically trying to transmit the message that what ever a kid's problem, whether it is ADHD, depression, teen drug use, etc., etc., etc., it cannot be divorced from genetics and the family setting. Okay. Well, duh! Little apples don't fall far from trees, but in our case, The Whirlwind is a graft, and although she is very much part of the whole, we can only take responsibility for the nurture part of the nature/nurture environment.

There was an interesting series of studies the man quoted, though, which showed some improvement in executive functioning following a program of daily reading to Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier. We suspect that any reasonable baroque keyboard works would do, although The Well-Tempered Clavier is notably spare, with a great deal of structure and counterpoint. We had already decided that The Whirlwind would have to earn TV by reading, because we knew what the more time she put in, the more fluent she became (she already reads well above grace level, in spite of putting little time in, but every bit helps) the more she could get sucked in to what she read. Based on the study (which we view with healthy skepticism, remembering well all the Mozart Effect hysteria of a few years back, which has not resulted in a spate of super-intelligent babies) we decided that it wouldn't hurt her, and who knows, it might help, so we told her that she would need to sit and read for half an hour each day, no excuses, while listening to music of our choosing. Turns out she really likes the Well Tempered Clavier.

So there she was, doing her daily reading, with a book I'd picked out for her as being right up her alley, a novel-length retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and when she was done, she said "You know Mom, I never knew before that reading could be so much fun!"


I have no illusions that this will mean that she will suddenly morph into a bookworm. She is who she is, and she will always be a moving target. She will always prefer to do and actively experience, rather than read about it. But at least she now sees what all the fuss is about, and there is nothing more wonderful than transmitting a great joy and delight to a one's offspring.

And in other news, Only Son, who has been looking for a regular paid, salaried job in his field since he prepared to graduate in May of 2011 with a degree in computer science and a minor in philosophy, has finally landed one. As of tomorrow he will be a salaried employee. Mind you the salary is peanuts, but it comes with bennies and paid vacation and EVERYTHING. A real job.

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1. Have you ever left the country you live in and where? if so, where did you go?

Canada, where my grandfather was born, both the Francophone part and Ontario.

I lived in Greece (mostly in Athens) for a year when I was in first grade, and I went to a Greek school. We were on a dig at Porto Kheli on the Peleponnesos that summer.

We spent a few months in Palestine when I was second grade age, and my mom went there and married my stepfather and met his family in the village in what was then Jordan, and now is the West Bank of the Occupied Territories. I visited East Jerusalem, to see my mom while she was in the hospital with the hepatitis A she caught in Greece.

On the way we made stops in Damascus and Beirut (we stood in the top floor of the portion of the U.S. embassy that was bombed, and found out that even there we couldn't get a marriage license for a cultural Moslem and a cultural Christian to marry). On the way home we went to visit my grandfather, his new wife, and their new daughter in Paris for a few days.

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Tomorrow is the first day of school here, and I am ready to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I had them because I love to spend time with them, and I delight in watching how their minds work. But it's time. The Whirlwind gets up very early, and Middle Daughter stays up very late, and privacy is almost impossible to come by.

Title: Not Too Cool For School
Season: Preseries
Spoilers: If you couldn't recognize them as such, they really won't spoil you.
Synopsis: SG-1 go to their first day of school. No teamy goodness. They're too young for that yet.
Warnings: Kidfic. As a general rule I can't approve of that. It just troubles my Improbability Meter. Where does all that matter go when they shrink? Where does it come from when they regrow? Why? Why? Why? The mind boggles. This is just a journey through the Wayback Machine, without the presence of Mr. Peabody or his boy Sherman. Daniel/Sherman friendship fic might be amusing though.
Disclaimer: These aren't the characters you own, really. They're too young to be jaunting around the galaxy yet. They aren't even really fully formed at this point. Your characters are in your programs all unharmed and unchanged. I don't get any profit, not even an apple for the teacher.

Fic here )


And why am I posting a day early, and not on The Day, when I should have plenty of time for such things? Because the elementary school wants us all to go up to the school by 7:40 and participate in All Sing with our kiddies, and go into the library afterwards for a meet-and-greet to get to know the new parents. I don't mind the social aspects of it all (although I kind of hate it when they make me sing kiddie songs and dance first thing in the morning), it's the timing of the thing. They make me get up 3 hours before I am accustomed to rising in order to be there. So tomorrow I'll be a groggy, sleep-deprived, caffeine-seeking missile by 9:30 a.m. I want to do this while I'm firing on all at least most thrusters!

ETA OUTAKE: Original wording "Later on when Sam and Jack had been put to bed," All fixed now! Snigger.
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I wrote a Five Six Things, which is posted here for Part 1,
her for Part 2, here for Part 3 on [ profile] sg1_five_things. It was just slightly more than twice the comment length limit.

Those who want it all in one convenient chunk can read it here. In the version here, I have corrected an error and put the six times in correct chronological order. I also cleared up one word redundancy (a constant problem I need to be vigilant against as I write). On the entries at The Pentangular Gate they are in their original, more dramatically effective order, and I (gasp!) use a word twice in one sentence. You makes your pick and takes your chances, I guess. The Pentangular Gate order is the order in which they originally occurred to me, the order here is what happens when the little purse-mouthed nit-picker of an editor in my brain says "They're all in chronological order except for that one! Fix it! Fix it! Fix it NOW!" Sigh.

Title: Six Times General Hammond Almost Retired Before He Did
Seasons: One through Seven
Spoilers: Well, that would give away some of my choices.
Warnings: There is an illegal sixth thing! The rules have been bent! The boundaries have been transgressed! Civilization is imperiled! AAAAAAAAAH!
Synopsis: SG-1 seems to bring out the best and the worst in everybody, and George Hammond is no exception.
Disclaimer: If you come after me for a bit of fic in which I made no permanent alterations to the characters, which profiteth me not, except as much as I receive reviews, well then I retire - just like Jack O'Neill! Not having his stamina, I don't think I'd last a whole year before I came back though.

Six Times General Hammond Amost Retired Before He Did )
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Title: Bra'tac and the Jaffa Alphabet Soup - U is for Unspoken
Season: PreSeries through Post Series
Spoilers: Minor for Bloodlines and The Warrior
Warnings: Since this was written when all God-fearing betas are abed, it's unbeta'd
Synopsis: It isn't only the notes that make the music. It's also the rests.
Disclaimer: I still don't command any Jaffa, despite the fact that my kids sometimes think I'm acting like an evil overlord, nor do I own SG-1, their heirs or assigns. I borrow them, make them do my bidding, and then let them go. They'll eventually, in the fullness of time, die free, and I'll die uncompensated, monetarily speaking.

U is for Unspoken )


The entire collection of Bra'tac and the Jaffa Alphabet Soup offerings is here on Dreamwidth.
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Title: Bra'tac and the Jaffa Alphabet Soup - T is for Tales
Season: PreSeries through the Early Seasons
Spoilers: Minor for The Serpent's Lair
Warnings: Bra'tac uses an insulting word. In Goa'uld.
Synopsis: Daniel is not the only one who learns about a culture through tales.
Disclaimer: I don't own any Jaffa, nor do I own SG-1. I borrow them for my amusement and the amusement of others, I treat them nicely, and put them back where I found them. It propheteth me not, except inasmuch as I treasure my reviews.

T is for Tales )


The entire collection of Bra'tac and the Jaffa Alphabet Soup offerings is here on Dreamwidth.

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I've posted a few fics over at [ profile] sg1_five_things and I had a bit of a problem fitting the first of them all into the itsy bitsy LJ comment limits, so in order for it to be coherent, it occurs in seven comments to make up the five parts.

Title: Five Times a Member of SG-1 Got Caught Trying to Sneak Out of the Infirmary
Seasons: One, Two, and Seven
Spoilers: A line from Emancipation, Cold Lazarus, Solitudes, In the Line of Duty, Heroes
Warnings: Canon Character Death. I hate it when that happens, but what is done is done. For now. Until TPTB undo it, or someone writes a fan fic we all like so much we make it canon.
Synopsis: The first time Janet Fraiser catches a member of SG-1 sneaking out of the infirmary, and one time she doesn't.
Disclaimer: Yeah, I snuck them all out, but I did put them all back... eventually. Because they aren't mine, and I know that. No money involved, either in the story, or here at my house.

Part 1A, here
Part 1B, here
Part 2, here
Part 3A, here
Part 3B, here
Part 4, here
Part 5, here

Also I posted:

Title: Five Times SG-1 Almost Destroyed The World
Season: Anywhere you want to fit them, and Season 10
Spoilers: Unending and Tangent, minor for Fair Game
Warnings: Well, it was written in haste with distraction, so it’s not my best work, but otherwise, no.
Synopsis: Galactic exploration has its hazards. Some of them are home grown.
Disclaimer: No profit. No need to destroy me or my planet. Putting them back now.

Five Times SG-1 Almost Destroyed The World

Please look down in the comments for an explanation of how Number 3 works. I forgot that not everyone is familiar with the problem and its answer in my haste to write the bit and get it posted before the reveal. Just goes to show that post in haste, repent at leisure!


Title: Five Running Jokes SG-1 Had With Themselves
Season: Any
Spoilers: Minor for Point of View
Warnings: Eeek! I cheated. One isn’t a running joke!
Synopsis: What the title say (almost).
Disclaimer: No profit. No need to destroy me or my planet. Putting them back now.

Five Running Jokes SG-1 Had With Themselves

Don't forget to look in on everyone else's offerings (links are here). There are some wonderfully clever ones.
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There's going to be an Alphabet Soup in late June, with stories about Bra'tac, & or the Jaffa, so if you think you could write something (100 words or more) by June 25th, please sign up here. There are many letters still going begging, and it would be lovely to get a different author for each and every letter.
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In honor of Mother's Day here in the U.S., I bring you SG-1 as their mothers saw them.

Title: In A Mother's Eyes
Season: Pre-series
Spoilers: None
Warnings: .........Nope. Not a one.
Disclaimer: I'd adopt them all in a trice, but unfortunately, they're all the brainchildren of the producers, writers, etc., and parental rights have not been terminated. Nor am I receiving any foster care or adoption benefits.

In A Mother's Eyes )


A very happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, and a very happy Mother's Day to all the rest of you who have or had Mothers!

I'm celebrating something else today, my 32nd wedding anniversary. Here's a story I told recently (in a comment on LJ) about why I so love this man.

We live in rural Vermont, and if we drive a bit, there's a University town within reach. My husband loves his medical practice. He loves the hard working farmers, and the small town neighbors and co-workers. He loves caring for the patients over a long period of time, getting to know them, seeing the arc of their lives, helping them through their crises, and witnessing their triumphs. When one of his patients dies, as we all do in the end, he helps console the family, and helps them understand the medical whys, and he attends the funerals. He doesn't ever want to leave here, where government works because it is on a human scale, and civility, community spirit, and consideration are the rule rather than the exception.

One day, when our two eldest were young, a professor of mine came to give a symposium over at the University. I arranged for my Beloved Husband to take some time off to watch the kids so I could attend all three days, and invited my professor home one night to eat dinner with us, see our house, our kids, and meet the dog. After the dinner which was a big success (the dog being a major, major success - she adores dogs), I drove her home.

I was a little melancholy afterwards. My husband asked me what was wrong.

"I miss academia sometimes," I said. "Sometimes I wish I could go back and get that Phd."

Without missing a beat, he immediately offered, without a moment's hesitation, to pull up roots, find a position near my college, and move down there so I could take courses and go back to school, if I wanted to do that.

My heart nearly burst with love, and my eyes filled with grateful tears.

"No," I said. "I love it here, I love our life, I stand behind the choices we made, because they were the right choices, for our family, and for me too. It's just sometimes, having grown up as a professor's daughter, having always expected to be a professor, I miss it. There's a bit of a tidal pull. Thank you for loving me so much that you'd do that without hesitation!"

"I love you. I want you to be happy," was all he said.

He gives me roots, and wings, and all the love in the world. Damn, I'm lucky!
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This story is an expanded version of my comment suggestions for the likely aftermath of [personal profile] tallulah_rasa's story That Thing With Feathers, here on her DW journal. Go, read. Immediately. It's short (616 words) and very amusing. I'll wait right here 'til you get back. [Those of you who don't want to be spoiled should not read my comment at the top of the second page of comments]

Back? Settled? Comfy? Good. Let's begin.

Title: A Pig's Tale
Season: Any time before Between Two Fires
Spoilers: Schrödinger's owner's name?
Warnings: Duck! The pigs are flying! Ummm... That didn't come out right. How 'bout this: Look out! Pigs! Flying!
Synopsis: The tale of a time Jack loved unwisely and too well.
Tragicomedy now with more pig!
Disclaimer: It's got a flying pig. Don't expect it to be all sensible and stuff... What?... Intellectual property rights?... Oh, yeah. I don't own the show or any of the characters. Even the pig is borrowed from [personal profile] tallulah_rasa

A Pig's Tale )
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Just F.Y.I. I expect to be a bit more radio silent than usual for the next 10 days, because my two eldest kids (and Eldest Daughter's boyfriend) will be arriving late tonight and staying for the duration. I'll still be here, and online from time to time, but I will be spending much more of my time having actual face time with my kids. Squeeeeee!!!

When the kids are growing up, it always seems like you will all be a family unit, traveling around together from sporting event to school play to family vacation as a group, and doing that forever, and then suddenly, they up and go away to college, and they graduate, and if you've done the job well enough, they try their brand new wings and fly off to lives of their own, and only come back for Christmas and an occasional brief visit. Suddenly having all of your kids under one roof is a rare and wondrous not-to-be-missed treat.

So I'll be where I always am, and you may think of me basking in the warmth of their presence. If need be, a PM will get my attention.

I've used my default icon because Eldest Daughter's glee in it is infectious. It reflects how I feel about all this.

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Title: Five Human Customs Teal'c Does Not Understand, And One He Does
Season: None in particular, all in general.
Spoilers: The results of the Jaffa struggle for freedom revealed! Teeny-tiny one for The Fifth Man.
Warnings: Not really, unless the results of a bris are offensive.
Synopsis: Jaffa meets human. Puzzlement ensues.
Disclaimer: All fun, borrowed characters returned, fluffed, folded, and smelling fresher. No customs destroyed in the making of this fic, which is, both by necessity and design, highly non-remunerative, but plenty of fun to write.

here at this journal )


Part One, here at The Pentangular Gate on LJ and also Part Two.



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A Few Words From The Wise

Speak to him, for there is none born wise.
-The Maxims of Ptahotep

In mourning or rejoicing, be not far from me.
- an Ancient Egyptian Love Song

But your embraces
alone give life to my heart
may Amun give me what I have found
for all eternity.
-Love Songs of the New Kingdom, Song #2

To Know the Dark

To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is travelled by dark feet and dark wings.
-Wendell Berry

Up in the morning's no for me,
Up in the morning early;
When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw,
I'm sure it's winter fairly.
-Robert Burns

Visit to the Hermit Ts'ui

Moss covered paths between scarlet peonies,
Pale jade mountains fill your rustic windows.
I envy you, drunk with flowers,
Butterflies swirling in your dreams.
-Ch'ien Ch'i

Mistress of high achievement, O lady Truth,
do not let my understanding stumble
across some jagged falsehood.

Every Gaudy colour
Is a bit of truth.
-Nathalia Crane

I counted two-and-twenty stenches,
All well defined, and several stinks.
-Samuel Coleridge