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A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to [personal profile] holdouttrout, producer extraordinaire of wonderful (and occasionally cracky) humorous twists and odd detours, as well as some truly lovely Sam/Jack fic. I'm still giving off occasional giggles from your Temporary Deadness series.

I wish I came bearing fic, but...ummm...

Let's just say that I hope your day was the antithesis of mine, and leave it at that.


So I send you the image of a pink and sparkle-y pony with a lilac mane, ridden by what could only be a smurfette, peering shyly but with a sweetness that is truly deadly in its syrupy optimism through the wormhole, and the twin goggle-eyed astonishment of General Hammond and Sgt. Harriman in response. Daniel is busy consulting Garden Gnomes of Europe in hopes of finding information on legends and myths matching this strange apparition. Teal'c is actually looking a bit pale. Jaffa legend tells of the world ending thus, with the Mai'lit'el pony of the Apocalypse, ridden by the blue S'mur'feh't. Sam is blushing. She hopes no one there has noticed that it is her secret childhood guilty pleasures invading the SGC. Thank goodness Mark is not there to rat on her! O'Neill is backed against the near bank of computers, gripping his stomach and his head alternately. The anti-sarcasm of that thing is killing him. "Ahhh....GODD!!!" he is heard to groan, as he slips slowly to the floor, his face in a rictus of agony. There is a flurry of white, and Janet Fraiser bursts in with the antidote, an iPad fully loaded with hours of insult comedy. She thrusts it in front of Jack's nose, as the rest of her medics pry his eyes open, and insert the earphones.

In the orbiting Beliskner, Thor shakes his head. He regretfully sends a message to his home galaxy.

"I am returning. The Milky Way Galaxy has been lost. These are indeed an enemy more fearsome than the replicators."


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A Few Words From The Wise

Speak to him, for there is none born wise.
-The Maxims of Ptahotep

In mourning or rejoicing, be not far from me.
- an Ancient Egyptian Love Song

But your embraces
alone give life to my heart
may Amun give me what I have found
for all eternity.
-Love Songs of the New Kingdom, Song #2

To Know the Dark

To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is travelled by dark feet and dark wings.
-Wendell Berry

Up in the morning's no for me,
Up in the morning early;
When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw,
I'm sure it's winter fairly.
-Robert Burns

Visit to the Hermit Ts'ui

Moss covered paths between scarlet peonies,
Pale jade mountains fill your rustic windows.
I envy you, drunk with flowers,
Butterflies swirling in your dreams.
-Ch'ien Ch'i

Mistress of high achievement, O lady Truth,
do not let my understanding stumble
across some jagged falsehood.

Every Gaudy colour
Is a bit of truth.
-Nathalia Crane

I counted two-and-twenty stenches,
All well defined, and several stinks.
-Samuel Coleridge