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Peeve the First

I mentioned back on May 13th that in lieu of going out to dinner on that night in May to celebrate our anniversary, Beloved Husband and I were holding out for September 13th, when we could say that we had been married for 33 1/3 years and 1/3 day, a full third of a century. Back in May, we talked to a restauranteur in our community, and made sure he could make modifications to handle my dietary needs (very low cholesterol, plenty of veggies, no pecans or walnuts, carbs better if whole grain, and served in portions amounting to 30 to 40 g carbohydrate max). He looked up for me whether the date was actually one when they were going to be open, and said he was sure he could do something lovely. So far so good.

A week ago Tuesday, we called and officially got our reservation, and I sent the restauranteur my dietary needs and prohibitions as an email, so he could have them to consult when and as needed. I began to search around our small town for babysitters. This is complicated by the fact that when your town is small enough that 21 is the Biggest Elementary School Class EVAR, and this year we will graduate 3 - yes, 3! In some years the pool of available sitters is small. I teach swimming and taught French as a volunteer in the school. I know these kids, and out of the limited pool there are some I would nevereverever trust to watch the high-spirited Whirlwind. By that Saturday I had someone lined up. Whew!

On Tuesday of this week she canceled. Okay. Back to the list. No luck that day. The next day, I succeeded in getting a "I'd love to do it if I don't have to work that night. I can let you know tomorrow afternoon." Never did hear back from her, so I hit the phones Thursday night, and managed to get a classmate of Middle Daughter's who was willing to do it. Whew again!

On the day, I was busy much of the day, getting some cleaning done, getting a meal ready for The Whirlwind, and getting showered and ready in a nice outfit. We only go out every two to three years, so this was an Occasion. Once I was ready, with 10 minutes to go before the babysitter was due, and 40 minutes until our reservation, I sat down to check my email. Maybe one of my kids had written. There was a notification of a Facebook message sent two hours previously. Our sitter had canceled.

Grumps. Despair. A futile attempt to find a substitute close enough to fill in at the last second (as if I hadn't already called almost everyone already).

Finally Beloved Husband called up to the Inn, explained our problem, and asked to have them pack up our meal as takeout.

The ambiance left a little to be desired, ("If it's just you two, why can't I come down? Can I come down and get my light-up stuffie? How is your dinner? Is it sooo good? Daddy, can you save me some of your cheesecake?") but there we were, elegantly dressed, and the company was the best there is. The food was pretty good too.

So - Pet Peeve Number One - Baby Sitters Who Cancel Without Warning Or Consideration

Middle Daughter says it was a case of she decided that she didn't want to do it, and bailed. She told us that she was feeling indisposed. She's all about all the fun of the Fair today. Hmmm... I thought I knew her better than that.

Pet Peeve the Second

Our landline (the only phone that works where we are) has a HORRIBLE BUZZ. Yeah, I was shouting just then. So does it. I called the phone company to troubleshoot it. They had me unplug all the phones and the modem for at least 5 minutes, and then go to the outside box, disconnect the house, and plug an old-fashioned totally wired phone in. Yeah, being middle aged, we have one of those. The disconnecting fixed nothing, the buzz was still there, so the agent said they would send someone out the next day, and that the problem was definitely in their lines, and not within our house. So we expected it to be fixed the next day (Friday). Nope.

Apparently, they decided that since I had a soprano voice, I'd done something wrong. They decided to wait to see if we continued to complain, or if the name on the account (a masculine name) was able to fix what some poor woman could not. Their line test had shown a zero (no problem) so I must be lying.

Beloved Husband called back after our dinner, and got immediate, prompt, courteous agreement that there was indeed a problem, that it indeed needed to be fixed, and that they would send someone as soon as possible (Monday), and oh, by the way, Mr. Posessed-of-a-Bass-Voice, we re-did the line test, and there is indeed a short, and the problem is clearly not in your home.

So - Pet Peeve the Second - Sexism from My Fellow Females, Because Both Agents Were Female

This is not the first time. One of Eldest Daughter's teachers gave her a B for her quarter grade when she had received no grade below an A. He admitted to her that he had erred and told her he would fix it (three separate times!, no action), he told me the same thing (twice!, no action), and when Beloved Husband called, it was fixed the very next day. With a single phone call. The funny thing is that Beloved Husband sounds gentle and polite on the phone, even with people he doesn't care for, because he was raised to be polite. He is not out there Teal'c-ifying them into submission at all!


For you out there who are not Peeves, but f-list instead, thank you for listening. I feel so much better now.
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So done I probably look like one of Jack O'Neill's blackened shards of meat.

Alternate Title For Post: You Can Lead A Teen To Water, But You Can't Make Her Drink

Middle Daughter believes that communicating with parents and teachers is for wimps. She believes that she must DO ALL THE THINGS herself without any grown-up type help. This gets her in trouble time and again BUT SHE DOES NOT LEARN.

We have been over and over what she needs to do to get her college applications done, and I have repeatedly asked for a list of what is due when. "It's okay, Mom. Stop freaking out. They all require the common app, I'm on it, and financial aid stuff is due Feb. 1st." I believed her. She is after all, a truthful kid. Oooops!

She informed me Friday that one of her schools requires the [major, major, major pain-in-the-ass] CSS Profile financial aid application by Jan. 15th. We don't even have W-2 forms back yet. No other forms either. I have to reconstruct everything from stubs, research, etc. I spent all weekend getting the PAIN IN THE ASS FORM done.

On the way I discovered that one of her schools has a merit scholarship for musicians (she is a gifted pianist, with a good voice) she can apply to, but she needs a CD of 2 classical pieces, unedited, from two different eras, and it has to be postmarked by Jan. 15th. She has great difficulty figuring out why her parents think a shot at $14,000 each of 4 years should be prioritized over seeing the boyfriend. To her credit she did practice before and after a shortened visit to the boyfriend yesterday, and spent hours practicing today, but only one of the pieces was mistake free and ready to be put on disk this evening. She'll try again on the second piece, a very difficult Debussy nocturne, tomorrow.

I discovered that one of her schools (application deadline with better chance of admission Nov. 1st, 2012, ordinary deadline Jan. 20th) doesn't use the common application. Oh, and it requires 2 essays.

I discovered that the application deadline for her only reach school was Jan. 1st, 2013, so that one's gone, although I chased down and entered extra CSS Profile info for the place, and paid for sending copies of her standardized tests to them before I knew this.

I discovered that she probably will not be able to audition at her first choice college, because she's late signing up for auditions, so most of the slots are filled. She needed to audition at the school that doesn't use the common app by Nov. 1st, so that's right out. If she gets in maybe she can audition for next year?

Two of the schools require a supplement to the common app. She didn't know that, and wrote a crappy last minute essay for one, because her physics midterm is tomorrow, but at least both supplemental applications can be faxed from Beloved Husband's office tomorrow and meet the deadline. The essay is about how she'd like to start an LGBT support group (the question is about what club would she choose to start at the college if she was going to start one). I certainly hope they aren't Very Conservative. Of course if they are, that college and Middle Daughter would not be a good mix, so there's that...

Now I'm tired, and grumpy, and have had no time to relax for 3 days. I've been spending my weekends with,,, and the websites of 5 colleges. I will say, that the FAFSA site is refreshingly idiot proof, and so is their help site. [There was a question of how to handle something that "must match your Social Security Card exactly" when it would not allow enough characters to do that.] Beloved Husband has spent his weekend researching things at our online banking site, and the bennies office of both organizations that he works for, and wrangling The Whirlwind.

We've both spent time arguing with Middle Daughter, whose attitude is "Look, I'm too busy to deal with this now. I'm too stressed. I can't do it. I checked the websites carefully. I don't know why Mom could find it and I couldn't. I guess she's just better at that sort of thing. Sorry. Anyway, I'll get to it whenever. It's just going to have to go in late." As if colleges would care that my Special Snowflake was too busy to make the deadline, and give her extra consideration that others don't get.

Maybe we should press gang her into the Marines. It might be the only way to get her to understand that Rules are Rules. They apply to you too. Even if you don't like it. No exceptions for being you. Not that we haven't spent 17 years trying to teach that.

I thought that 17 year olds, who spend their entire lives plugged in to the internet, who have no clue how to research anything in paper books or periodicals, who don't know how to use an old fashioned library file card system, and think all human knowledge is found on the web, were actually better at finding out info on the web than 54 year old homemakers, who did all their graduate research in a brick and mortar library, and only got on the web some 10 years ago.

I was wrong.

Can I weep now?
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I do not live in California. I live in Vermont. We have a little (for those of you who are Californian, read "barely perceptible") tremblor once every few years. On the tenth there was a 3.9 quake in Quebec, which we could have felt if we were up at 4:19 that morning. We slept through that. now there was a 4.5 (possible 4.6) earthquake centered around Lake Arrowhead, Maine, which we definitely did feel, and it rumbled like the dryer having a rough start up (although that might have been part of the house moving around to cause the noise).

Now when I lived in Greece this would have been a big nothing. Ho-hum. *yawn* But this is New England.

[Eyes overfull and not tied or strapped bookcases speculatively]

I'll say it again, Mother Earth, slowly in case you didn't get it the first time. N--e--w E--n--g--l--a--n--d.

Oh, and for those of you with geology backgrounds. Yes. I know that earthquakes can happen here too. But I'm spoiled, I tell you, spoiled, and I expect this to stop right now!!!

ETA: The U.S.G.S. has, since I posted, revised their rating of the quake in Maine from 4.5 (where they had initially pegged it although they soon moved that up to 4.6) down to 4.0. I didn't want to leave that overinflated number out there, because on the Richter scale, that difference matters.
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Okay, so we had a lovely, lovely vacation, marred only by the fact that the Whirlwind of Destruction dove into the lake wearing her glasses, and I spent several hours diving in a grid pattern to try and locate them. Somewhere under the moldering leaves at the bottom of the lake are some lovely wirerim glasses which had only recently been totally replaced under warrantee. Otherwise, there were many relatives, much laughter, interesting tales, good food, swimming, loafing, and games of all sorts. All four of my kids were there (a rarity now that two of them are grown), a niece and a cousin announced engagements, and a cousin who married last October announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby in March. Good times.

And on the way home, things got complicated )

I love living in Vermont, where even the crooks aren't (by and large) too dishonest, and where life is lived on a human scale.
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I just wanted to post to let folks know why I have been rudely ignoring them.

I haven't really.

On June 8th we had a couple of sizeable thunderstorms come through here, and this caused us to lose both power and phone. When the phone came back on a few hours later, it was at best unreliable. On our end, sound kept dropping out. The folks we were talking to heard plenty of crackling and static.

This made connecting to our dial-up internet an impossibility. I got about an hour in while sitting with our laptop at one of my kids' weekly appointments, because the building has free wi-fi, and I mostly used that to answer my personal e-mails. We finally got connectivity back here a few hours ago, and then I had some business transactions I needed to take care of before I could get down to socializing.

So if you asked me a question or sent me a response, and you got no reply [*How rude!*] it wasn't because I was lazy or ignoring you. I just was "away".

Back now. Hopelessly behind. I'll be working hard to catch up about in time to go out of town for a week for the last week of June. At least then I'll be able to take the laptop with me, and I'll be heading into the land of wi-fi and fast internet!

So anyway, I'll be getting back to you all as soon as I can, provided I don't have to take too much time out building an empty padded room for the Whirlwind of Destruction to bounce from wall to wall in without wrecking anything. School ended today, and she's been in rare form lately.

Exciting Adventures of the Whirlwind, and Floral Enthusiasm behind the cut )
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Happy birthday, Pepper, there is birthday fic, which I posted on the 25th over on LJ, and for which you are included. I tried to post this link on your day, but due to the elementary school Spring play, and my middle daughter's new boyfriend having a series of crises, all of which had to be handled by phone, I couldn't get the line to post in time!

It is here, Bad Birthdays. The link to the second part is at the end of the first part. I posted it over there because so many of the recipients were over on lj.

Seeing as you are settling into life with a new kitty, you might enjoy this bit of comment crackfic Ohhhh the Cat Came Back over at [ profile] lolmac's more.

Traycer, I am so sorry to come empty handed, but Bad Birthdays is the one that you helped me to get unblocked on, so you can feel responsible for the fact that it is there at all, and go over and enjoy what you have nudged along! I hope your birthday is delightful and not bad!

I hope that both of you, writers whose work I admire, are having/have had a very special day, surrounded by those you love, basking in their diligent attention, and feasting on decadent and delectable delights!
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After coming down with a influenza-like illness (my husband the doctor simply calls them I.L.I.'s, and I insist that it could not possibly be proper flu because I got my flu shot, damnit!, and I simply refuse to consider the possibility) and being under the weather since Monday, I have finally crawled out from under my rock and started facing life again. Thank goodness that hockey and figure skating ended on Saturday and we are in the pre-lacrosse and field hockey lull! Minimal chauffeuring duties and simple dinners were the order of the day(s).

Two things I noticed while I was lying blearily in the comfy chair, but still (apparently) wearing my fannish goggles:

Norfolk Southern says they provide "Shippers with a path to prosperity", or words to that effect. Sounds good to me. I am awaiting their check with some eagerness. ;)

A new catalogue came this week from Hearthsong, a rather upscale toy concern. They are offering Flying Space Monkeys in spring toy collection. I giggled especially hard because although there are unisex ones in the background of their picture in blue, tan, and red, the one in the foreground is pink, with long curved lashes and very eye-catching red lips. Perhaps a Space Monkey for the BadFic! Jack/Daniel stories which make Jack horrifyingly OTT macho, and Daniel a total queen?


I have glanced over the goings on while I was "away", but if you have anything in particular you want my input on, lemme know, and I'll go back and comment.

I Weep

Jan. 29th, 2011 05:38 pm
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As some of you may know, I majored in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology because I wanted to be an Egyptologist. It was my ambition from the time I was eight, and my passion, but ultimately I decided that some of the things that went along with attaining that goal (like being away from my husband for months at a time because he would be a settled primary care physician, and I would be digging in Egypt, or the fact that we would need to live in or near a major city where the academic jobs are, which neither of us wanted to do) meant that ultimately I never pushed on and got my PhD. It didn't help that being at the tail end of the Baby Boom, I faced a situation where the likelihood was that I would graduate with my PhD to find that the jobs were already held by those in the beginning wave of the Baby Boom. Still, the study of Ancient Egypt is something I care passionately about.

I have seen pictures of the looting at the Cairo Museum, the priceless statues broken, the cases smashed, the objects scattered about. This is not just Egypt's heritage, but the heritage of the whole world, because to understand Ancient Egypt is to understand a vital important part of human history and how we came of age as a species. Things which have come down to us through thousands of years lie broken, never again to be as they were because of a moment of anger at a modern dictator who has no real connection to the products or the rulers of the past.

I wept when the Bagdad Museum was looted. I weep now.
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Happy New Year to all. May 2011 be a year of wonder and delight, and may it lay the foundation for still brighter and better things to come in the years that follow!

I found and snurched a year end summing up meme from [ profile] mayogate and filled it out. It was kind of an odd fit for me, but it was kind of intriguing to fill out. There be answers here. Some at length. Oh, stop rolling your eyes. I know I can be verbose. )
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I am back from Christmas away, and thoroughly enjoyed having all four of my kids under one roof again for a few days. The food was good, the small people were adorable, the laughter was abundant, and none of the mishaps were disastrous.

We got back just in time to take the Whirlwind of Destruction of to the pediatric ophthalmologist, and she returned with glasses, which she really likes, and was sooo pleased with. She got to see a clear night sky full of stars with the new specs on and was awe-struck and amazed. She'd never seen anything like it before! Then her fifteen year old sister told her she looked like a total dork in them. Crestfallen doesn't begin to describe it. Clearly the beatings must continue until morale improves and we learn the lesson that honesty is not an excuse to trample on others! Frankly, I think the glasses look pretty cute. Besides, teenagers behind glass rectangles shouldn't throw stones!

And those of you who are concerned, and wish to report me, just remember that my eldest daughter came home one day to say "Mom? You know what? You guys are different from the other parents. I do something and the other kids say 'Oooh! Look out! When your folks find out, you're so gonna get it!' They never believe it when I tell them that all you are gonna do is talk to me about it until I realize why it was wrong and apologize and agree not to do that again. They say that if that's all their parents did, then they'd never behave. They just don't get it. When you guys have to talk to me I feel really bad! It's worse than being spanked, 'cause it isn't just over and then you can ignore it again. It makes you think about what you did and not want to do it again ever."

Anyway, the point is, I'll be looking through the backlog, now that things are going more back to normal, but if you have anything that you want me to take a look at right away now, YES NOW!, lemme know here. Otherwise, I'll be getting there. Soon. Well, less not-soon anyway.

Oh, and-

Glee for the day:

We got home after a significant snow event, to discover that our driveway had been cleared for us. We suspect our neighbors who have chickens. We have fed the chickens on several occasions when they were away and refused to accept payment for it, since it really is only a matter of moments to swap out the old water for new and scoop a few measures of grain. It's a bit of a hike up their hill, but it's not like we can't use the exercise. So now we are involved in a grand old Northern New England tradition - the Favor War, in which the object is to do more good than you receive - and in my opinion, they currently have the upper hand!

I love living here.

Icon is because I don't have many icons showing glasses. This is one of them.
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Well, I finally finished the Christmas shopping today. I still have a to-do list that is too long for the time remaining to do it in, and nothing that can really be left out. Par for the course.

All the same, I can toddle off to bed after a very loooooong day of shopping secure in the knowledge that at the very least I won't be disappointing anyone by not getting them anything, and that the gifts that had to be sent are all on their way soon enough to make it there in time.

Since Christmas in our family is a matriarchal tradition, almost all of my Christmasses have taken place at my maternal grandmother's house. She lived in southern Vermont, all very Norman Rockwell snowy and set in picturesque rural New England scenery, in a house built up in the hills in the late 1700's and old enough to have age-blackened massive hand-hewn beams, wide pine flooring, and a fireplace with a bread-baking to one side and a swinging iron hook to hold cooking pots over the fire. She died at the age of 97, and this means that Christmas is now in northern New Jersey. Not nearly as picturesque and stereotypical, alas!

It will be a big crowd gathering, at least 17 of us at last count (not including my sister's baby in utero), with all the hustle and bustle and chaos that that entails.

We will all be competing to produce the most succulent and elaborate dinner when it is our turn to cook, and the cousins will be weaving in and out of the adults' feet, desperately trying not to burst with anticipation, while everyone tries (it sometimes seems) to dredge up those moments when we were each most embarrassingly and undeniably ourselves, and the missing are remembered with fond pangs. None of the things served will be American traditional. No Turkey with all the trimmings. No Roast Beef and oven-roasted potatoes. There will be stuffed vine leaves, there will be leg of lamb. There may well be Asian dishes, Mediterranean dishes, and most of them will be the original recipes of the cook for the night. For many years my Grandmother took us out for Chinese for Christmas dinner, and my kids are still a little indignant that Christmas dinner no longer has Peking Duck and hoisin sauce!

There will be breakage, and frayed patience, and tears of joy. There will be the inevitable broken toy tragedy, a gift that everybody marvels at because it's just so right that really we all should have thought of it, and far too much candy.

There will be no room to move by Christmas afternoon, between the people, the stuff, and the bags of ripped and discarded wrapping. The best wrapping will be carefully and reverently folded, and put upstairs by my mother for re-use.

There will be stockings for every blessed one of us, and some of them, thanks to a competition some years back that got a little out of hand, will be simply ENORMOUS.

There will be singing of carols acapella, since my mother doesn't have a piano, with harmony. My husband was in the choir for years and knows the base parts to so many carols! Two of my daughters between them know many of the alto parts, although they are both more comfortable as sopranos.

We'll eat Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner on the Royal Copenhagen china and with the silver service that we have always used, because my mother has my grandmother's dishes and silver now.

Some of the gifts will be labeled with tiny writing well camouflaged in the pattern of the paper, so that the children sorting and delivering will have to hunt, and the orgy of greed cannot begin too soon. This will be a good thing, because we always have to wait for a sleepy night-owl of an uncle to drag himself into the day, bleary-eyed and feeling blindly about for the strong cup of coffee someone will thrust at him.

Some of the packages will have to be carried off to the people in the family who read Arabic to have their labels read aloud so we know who gets them.

Every few years there will be a gift so fascinatingly and horrifyingly hideous that it will echo around the family for a few years, finding its way into a stocking of the unwary. For some fifteen years it was a can of haggis. We are a gastronomically adventurous family, but we just couldn't imagine that that could possibly be improved by canning.

Just about every year someone gets a gift that becomes a family obsession for a while, because it is so silly, or so fun, or so difficult, that everyone wants a turn with it.

Some will go to Midnight Mass. Not all of them will be Christian. Some will simply be the curious and the gregarious.

Jokes and allusions will be made in at least five languages, sometimes in order to speak of stocking matters without testing the faith of the true believers. Somehow we always seem to have a supply of them, because just as my mother's got old enough to outgrow that, I had some of my own. Now my sister is enlisting us for at least the next eight years, and after that my kids may well be starting to provide!

In short, we'll have the rollicking bustling Christmas that is common in large families.

I'll be a little busy, so if I don't see you before New Years, I wish you the joy of the season. As the sign outside the hardware store down town says (rather dryly - this is a small town, overwhelmingly Christian, and inclined to think that the world has always been and will always be as Norman Rockwell painted it from the life) "May your personal choice of a seasonal celebration be empowering!" I say it with irony too, but mine is warm, inclusive, friendly irony, because really, inside, where we are all just people, I mean it.

Please don't be offended by any silence. Know I'm just to busy in real life for a while. I'll be back and being verbose again before long. I promise!
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As I may have mentioned before, we have slow dial-up internet here. (I can hear those eyes rolling! Okay, so I've mentioned it a few times a lot constantly. Happy?). Well, every now and then, our phone company, the one (1) available to us here has moments of extreme incompetency, and we lose our dial tone for a few days. For the past two days we have been having the alternate form of torture. Intermittent dial tone. This makes being on line problematic. So if the silence from my part of the world is deafening, it isn't because I am ignoring you, I think what you had to say or what you wrote was beneath contempt or comment, or because I have come down with a bad case of death. It's because the @$&#@%^$&%# phone company has made it pretty impossible to play in this sand box lately.

Ya know what really ticks me off about this?:

1) Beloved Husband needs to use the phone when he is on call to answer pages. Cell phones don't work here. So no dial tone means he needs to drive into town if he gets paged.
2) The contract, as I understand it, is they provide us with phone service, we pay them a fee. Will that fee be reduced for lack of service? NOOOOOOOO!!!! I suppose that we could attempt to get it back in small claims court, but LTS. I'm not willing to waste that much of my life just to avoid getting ripped off. I can always be industrious and make more money, but I only have a limited amount of time.
3) I hate being unintentionally rude. Sorry about that, peeps.

Catch you guys on the other side. It can't last forever, right? Right?!!! RIGHT?!!!

Now to find a window of opportunity to post this. Did I mention I'm an optimist and that my husband describes me as "Little but determined?" (He's 6'1" to my 5'1" and change) Excelsior!
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For those of you who may have noticed some radio silence in this corner of the 'webz, my dearly beloved [Gritted teeth? What makes you think they're gritted? Flying spittle? Noooo! Silly! This is just...ummm...extra whipped cream. Yeah. Whipped cream. *Gives the Jack-O'Neill-tm-wide-eyed-look-of-Unconvincing-Innocence*] middle daughter managed to infect my computer with Antivirus System PRO, a virus that pretty much defines DO-NOT-WANT. She was *grrrrrrr* inclined to deny responsibility until history logs made our case for us irrefutably, and is now off-line, pending retraining. Not everything is up and running yet, but life here is slowly returning to normal.

Point is, I've been exiled for a while by this, so if you have anything you particularly want me to notice really soon, gimme a heads-up. Otherwise, I'll get is coming, isn't it?...eventually.


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